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Welcome Back Knights

Audiovisual Promotion

Welcome back to UCF's favorite place to play!


Each year the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center welcomes prospective and returning students. This audiovisual promotion displays the diverse student body, multiple facilities, and many programs the UCF RWC offers. This video was released at the beginning of the Spring semester to increase engagement and to celebrate new beginnings. The taglines in the video showcases the opportunities the RWC offers students. The goals of this video are to increase excitement for the new year, increase usage in participation, and engage more with students online. The visual presentation, look, feel, and cinematography mirrors the video campaigns by the University Marketing team. In the last two years, UCF marketing has asked us to take a "one voice, one look" approach and this certainly is one of our best efforts to date. Conceptualized in the late Fall of 2017 and released in January of 2018, this video went viral with more than 10,000 views. It indirectly lead to a 16% increase in the use of our facilities for the first two months of the spring 2018 semester. 

Welcome Back.png

10,000+ views





​The creative process and planning was collaborative from beginning to end. Many innovative camera angles for recording video were implemented to truly enhance the experience of watching the video and feeling welcomed. Many facilities like Lake Claire, RWC @ Knights Plaza's Mind and Body studio, the Lap Pool, the courts, and more are displayed to showcase the endless possibilities students have at the RWC. The RWC Marketing Team produced, directed, and wrote the verbiage for the video. The video is filmed with a filter that evokes a calming mood. The dynamic transitions emphasize the energy the students give off at the RWC. Lastly, the taglines inspires students to try out our facilities and programs.  



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