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Student Publication

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The goals and objectives of this publication is to inform students about the Patagonia Backpacking trip. This included the date the trip would take place, location, price, what is included and activities. The target audience was all UCF students but more specifically the ones interested in outdoor activities. The posters, flyers and other designs were meant to drive students to seek for more information about this trip and consequently apply for the tip.

Patagonia Backpacking Trip_Web

Creative Process

The process started with compiling information about the trip, this require the marketing team to work loosely with the outdoor adventure team. After getting to know the details about the trip, the team needed to decide what was necessary to be included in design. Consequently, the creative design started to be produced. After sending for approval and making the necessary changes, the poster and additional designers were, then, ready.  The limitations include the branding guides, which makes it necessary to include the bottom banner to the poster. The deadline for this poster was at least two to two and half months before the trip.

Patagonia Backpacking Trip NIRSA CEA_TV


The results are not only a full and memorable trip, but also UCF monthly magazine writing an article about the trip and a waiting list surpassing the number of sports. The objective were met because we were able to fill all spots for the trip and even have more people wanting to go. After the trip we received feedback from the students saying they “not only saw absolutely stunning views where no picture can do justice but also befriended a fantastic group of people that they got to share this unforgettable experience with.” The main tool to assess the success of the trip was the number of sports filled – all, in this case, and the testimonials from the students.

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