Audiovisual Promotion


The UCF RWC lives by four main values:  to provide safe facilities and programs, to cultivate diversity and inclusiveness, to support healthy lifestyle choices, and to develop a collaborative and productive team. The RWC provides a variety of facilities and program areas to enrolled students in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices and an enriched campus life. In order to communicate these services and missions to Transfer and First Time and College Students (because our services, facilities, and programs are new to them), the marketing team created social media strategies and informative marketing campaigns annually to engage the newest students on Campus. This includes our very successful #GoPlay campaign in early fall 2019. The goal of the campaign was to engage through interactive video.

Creative Process

The production and editing schedule was strategically planned throughout July to be released in August; just in time to grab the interest of incoming freshmen, and transfers who were engaging in multiple activities planned for fall kickoff (called Pegasus Palooza). This video involves camera movement, fast-beat music, and smooth transitions into all program areas to keep the students attention peaked. This video style was implemented in a creative, interactive, and eye-capturing way to tell the story of the RWC’s services.


This video resulted in a significant usage increase in facilities by 41% from August to September. After the video aired we averaged 2,561 visits a day when the normal average prior was 2,500. These analytics essentially show 61 more visits in a day or 1,816 more students per month. These results are imperative to the RWC’s success as the more traffic we receive in the facility the more exposure students have with our upcoming events and programs. We also received engagement form the social media promotion where we reached 2,563 people and 21% more exposure from those who weren’t following us.