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The goals and objectives of the RWC Guidebook is to have all the information about our facilities and services in one single brochure. This is allows students to check program details, dates and more details about all the Center offers. The target audience are all university students and their families, as well as prospective students. The aimed accomplishment is having a hand guide that students can refer to in order to find all updated information about the RWC.

Creative Process

The creative process in this project is very collaborative. All program areas work closely with the marketing department in order to have the most accurate, understandable and updated information. This is an “all hands on deck” project where everyone contributes in all steps from brainstorming to the distribution of the final product. All ideas are welcomed from all RWC employees from the different program areas. Limitations included the budget, short deadline, university brand guidelines. The printing budget is calculated by multiplying the unit price by the quantity minus the discount from the printer facility. The deadline for the guidebooks to be printed and ready for distribution before fall semester started. Therefore, this project had to be created and completed before the middle of the summer semester to ensure that there is time for printing and delivery. And we also include a short time in case unexpected errors occur. The University of Central Florida and the Recreation and Wellness Center has specific brand guidelines that needed to be followed when creating the guidebook.


The final product was exactly what was wanted since the start. The results were very positive. Especially for new, transfer and prospective student, and parents, this was where they could find details about the programs and all services offered. Thus, the objective was met. The main way to calculate the success was how many guidebooks were given out to students. This is assessed by the number of guidebooks put around the facilities and other departments around campus and how often they had to be replaced. Also, the amount of guidebooks given during tabling and different events.

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