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Integrated Marketing Campaign

RWC After Hours:
A Knight Around the World

This annual event promotes diversity, inclusiveness, fitness, collaboration, and fun! We wanted to increase the profile of this event because it is an annual event that showcases the recreational and social side of what we do. It is an opportunity for students who do not normally workout with cardio and weights, to enjoy a fun, competitive, active evening. Our target audience are students who do not typically use gyms. Our goal was to introduce our programs and facilities to students in an interactive and themed event that allows students to showcase athletic and intellectual skills. 

Our budget was $2500, including t-shirts, event materials, and payroll. That budget was successful because of our partnership with Impress Ink Custom Apparel, who provides us a discount at $4.75 per shirt. Other costs included catering because of an annual partnership with Flipper Pizzeria, who provides all students and staff in this event in exchange for company recognition on internal and external marketing. This was the second consecutive year we used our Timeless After Hours logo as part of our brand recognition plan. The theme was countries and places around the world, so we incorporated eight famous location inspired games and created a physical passport for students to use during the night and have as a keepsake. We also incorporated a social media contest using the hashtag #rwcafterhours2017. Teams had to take a photo of their team in a creative way that references one of the movies in the event. The most creative photo won a prize package from Flippers, including a gift card and coupons.

We utilized street teaming to increase participation the week before the registration deadline. We also canvassed the university with flyers with campus partners: Housing and Residence Life, Student Union, Business Services, and First Year Experience. Our goal was 40 teams (4 students per team) and we reached that two days before the signup deadline and began a wait list. We measured these numbers by online registration and in-person check-in. We had 100% retention as all 40 teams participated on the night of the event.


We also had several sponsors for prize packages, which were presented to teams on a table from which they could choose one package. The Graduate Assistants who created the theme and ran the event were responsible for making contact with with the sponsors to help them in  key Campus Recreation development piece. The excess prizes were given away via RWC trivia: a staff member asked a question, and students who knew the answer ran up to her to answer it. The first person to reach her and answer correctly received the prize, an autographed basketball by the Orlando Magic team.

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