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The RWC had to pivot like many other NIRSA partners in the COVID-19 as the University decided to move to a remote learning modality, essentially closing the campus and our rec center. Our goal was to still engage our students, and give them healthy lifestyle tips, and demonstrations on how to keep active at home (whether they lived in state, out of state, regionally or abroad). The RWC programming team (Athletic Training, Fitness, Intramural Sports, Outdoor Adventure and Sport Clubs) quickly planned and staffed a series of virtual programs which we eventually named RWC+. We made this streaming platform available in mid-March of 2020. RWC+ offered Knights a chance to compete with and against each other and keep active remotely with programs like: live streaming fitness classes, daily workouts called Workout of the Knight, social media bracket challenges and trick shot challenges, Esports leagues and tournaments, virtual personal training, an Athletic Training Tip of the Week, Outdoor Adventure “At-Home” Adventures and Backyard Cooking tips, Outdoor Adventure Training Seminars (OATS), and Campfire Chats with famous experts from the Outdoors.



Through good old fashion communication. Like a creative marketing team at a news station we looked at our results daily with our programming team and had to decide what formats worked and which did not. We quickly improved, or pivoted away from programs students did not engage in. We had to be honest with ourselves and our audiences when our strategic assessment told us something wasn’t working.


Creative Process

The creative process began as we wanted to be a positive outlet for our students. With the engagement of all the RWC program areas, we were able to provide a well-rounded virtual offering by creating RWC+. Each program provided several programs on RWC+ including:

  • Athletic Training

    • Instagram feed Tip of the Week

  • Fitness:

    • Live Group Exercise Classes on Instagram Live, IGTV and eventually Zoom

    • Friday Fitness Challenges, and Mobility Mondays on Instagram Live and IGTV

    • Workout of the Knight (a list and demos of 25-35 minute workouts) on Instagram and Facebook Stories

    • Ask a Personal Trainer on Instagram and Facebook Stories

    • Virtual Personal Training 

    • Virtual 5k Training

  • Intramural Sports 

    • Esports leagues and Tournaments

    • Sports Trivia on Twitch

    • In-house Trick Shot and Bracket Challenges on Twitter and Instagram Stories 

  • Outdoor Adventure 

    • At-Home Adventures: Backyard Cooking and Creature Features on all social media to enjoy the outdoors where you are at

    • Campfire Chat and Team Building

    • Outdoor Adventure Training Seminars (OATS)

    • National Park Online Tours

  • Sport Clubs

    • Virtual Runs on Strava

    • Club workout tips on Twitter and Instagram 


We also revamped our Youtube page and create multiple RWC+ channels so students could easily access them at any point. The process included a scaled down marketing team with two skilled designers and the Marketing Manager using Adobe Creative Cloud,, graduate assistants and professional staff utilizing the design website Canva so we could share and collaborate content. We also had ample communication throughout our program areas, talented instructors to lead proper exercise techniques, and engagement with our student audience to create content that benefited their overall well-being.

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The results of our RWC+ initiatives were truly outstanding, as we reached more than 1,000,000 impressions and 1,000,000 unique accounts in the summer of 2020. The launch of RWC+ led to an impressive month of Social Media engagements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The first two weeks saw engagement with 1,200 students watching an Outdoor Adventure Recipe video and posts reaching nearly 5,000 and more than 4,400 unique accounts. The total for all three platforms for the 2-week period reached 45,628 unique accounts, 1,088 engagements or actions taken by students due to our content, and 75,901 people reached. The next month local news media started to take notice of our efforts. ABC Channel 9 WFTV-TV (the legacy channel in Orlando) featured RWC+ and the RWC Fitness Team during a 5pm newscast in April, the UCF Today team of writers also featured out platforms on the university’s external news website multiple times over six months, including sharing articles featuring their platform to UCF’s large social media network. Our best month was May 2020 where our social platforms had 269,539 impressions/people reached, 5,231 engagements, and 219,371 unique accounts sampled our content. The process was daily tracking of our accounts and posts all the program areas for every month we were on the virtual platform. We tallied total engagement for nearly five months from March to August on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reaching more than 1,000,000 impressions and 1,000,000 unique accounts.