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Social Media




(CHANGE) The RWC has four main goals: to provide safe facilities and programs, to cultivate diversity and inclusiveness, to support healthy lifestyle choices, and to develop a collaborative and productive team.  

In order to communicate and engage with students, the marketing team decided to redesign their social media tactics. This included the implementation of a social media calendar, content guidelines, a new voice and storytelling. 

Creative Process

(CHANGE) Research of other top social media accounts and a review of our values helped to streamline the creative process. We knew that students wanted to see themselves or students that looked like them online. The RWC has five values: safe, clean, dependable, quality, and fun. These values are pivotal to every image we share. Before we post something, we ask ourselves if it includes at least one of these. 

We decided that we wanted to tell a story throughout social media platforms. This included showcasing our student staff and our users. We want student to be able to relate to our profile and our staff.


 (CHANGE) This initiative started on our Instagram page alone during the first week of fall 2018. In August 2018, we had a total of 2,980. Since then, the page is growing by 24% each month, and has seen a 78% increase year-to-year in new followers. As of July 2019, the Instagram page totaled 5,313 followers.

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