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COVID Communication Campaign


The goal and objective of our COVID-19 Communication Campaign was to show our commitment to student safety as well as to give Knights peace of mind to return to our facilities. Our main goal was to communicate to students that we were working in lockstep with the university on COVID-19 compliance while at the same time customizing a new workout experience which allowed students to safely work out in our building. To accomplish our goals we utilized multiple touch points of communication including printed assets, online video presence, internal and external written communications, social media engagement, campus partnerships, and word of mouth promotions. By promoting all safety measures and protocols through multiple touch points we were able to keep our students informed and educated on how to safely use our facilities, programs and services.

Access Control Signage copy-06.png
Access Control Signage copy-07.png

RWC infused design

2005-MCA-994 SAFETY SIGNAGE all copy[1]_
2005-MCA-994 SAFETY SIGNAGE all copy[1]_

Creative Process

The creative process involved graphic design, videography, editing, environment and directional signage design and strategy, and social media management. The creative process was as broadly a collaborative process as any we have ever encountered as we had to work hand and hand with the University on approvals from late May 2020 through our eventual opening later that summer. The University EICRT Committee had to first approve our Reopening Plan which was a phased approach to reopening (1-outdoor facilities, 2-indoor and outdoor fall, 2.1-indoor and outdoor spring and beyond, and 3-back to pre-COVID-19 measures). We infused campus-wide university signage through a signage committee that our Marketing Manager was a part of to create custom signage that mirrored the UCF COVID-19 look. This allowed for a clean and clear message about physical distancing, face coverings, contactless-touchless barcode entry, and a new workout reservation system at our Lap Pool and the RWC (30 slots per every 30 minutes, opening 10 hours a day closing for 3 hours midday to clean almost daily). This also included customized but similar signage and messaging for our satellite facility at the UCF Downtown campus called RWC @ Downtown. We also collaborated with University relations on social media messaging so it complied and mirror university messaging. 

UCF shared design


The planning, and design process started in May and ended later that summer. Months of planning resulted in time slots fully getting booked, and students complying with all of our safety measures. The reservations opened up 24-hours in advance and students would fill those spots within minutes. Our communication was so successful the University asked for our team’s help in spreading the word about the Daily COVID-19 Self Checker students had to take before coming to campus. In fact, the week of our Self-Checker intervention led to nearly 900 more Knights checking for COVID-19 symptoms on the checker than the week before our communications.


Three challenges we overcame included making use of spaces that we were not ready to open fully to general workouts to help with other programs like personal training, creating safe spaces outdoors to workout in-person to help with Zoom Fatigue, and students deciding not to use their reservations. For personal training we opened up our 9,000 square foot satellite facility and promoted in-person personal training because the facility created a safe space for our clients as it was big enough to allow for three clients at a time since the space was not filled for group exercise and general workouts. For in-person group exercise and intramural sports experiences, we planned an promoted outdoor opportunities at our RWC Park (turf fields), the William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation Area at Lake Claire, and new partnership with Parking Services where we used a parking garage to hold group exercise classes like Bootcamp, and F45. We also used the garage as additional functional space to workout to help maintain proper physical distancing. Finally we were faced with the reality that students were booking but not always using their reservations. So we came up with a “How to” video campaign using our FusionGo App and Website to cancel your reservation so another student could book one. We called that piece, Do the Knight Thing.

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