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Audiovisual Promotion 2

UCF Sports Club RWC Gala Program Movie

The goals and objectives were to introduce the Sport Clubs staff to their Sport Club members and kick off their annual end-of-year banquet on a funny, positive note. The RWC Banquet Committee asked the program areas at the RWC to create a video that featured the black-tie formality of the gala, but do it in a humorous way. The Sport Clubs Supervisors decided on a spy theme. Their idea was a parody on classic spy movies like the James Bond franchise. The movie features a team of spies (the Sport Club staff) in a classic protaginist-antagonist (Sport Clubs Coordinator) comedy style like we saw in the Austin Powers and Naked Gun franchises. 

The Sport Club staff brainstormed ideas then created a storyboard for how the video will tell their story. With the help of the Judo Club and Marketing Lead, they filmed on campus. The post-production editing was done by the Marketing Lead. The editing software proved to be a limitation because the availability of the program was only in a specific lab only open during the evenings, so scheduling adequate time to complete the edits became important. The video has a reality ending because all the characters from the movie ran into the RWC Gala at the end of it's viewing to go in sequence of the ending of the video. 

There are no metrics we use to assess these videos and movies. The videos were added to our End of the Year Employee Banquet a few years ago to make the banquet more inclusive for people who may not walk away with a recognition or award. However, people in attendance at the banquet picked this video as the favorite of the nine program areas movies featured during at the event.

See the movie here:






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