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Engagement. Creativity. Growth.

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The RWC has four main goals: to provide safe facilities and programs, to cultivate diversity and inclusiveness, to support healthy lifestyle choices, and to develop a collaborative and productive team. 

Social media is a tool that students utilize every day. In order to communicate with students, provide dynamic content, and educate new users, the marketing team decided to redesign their social media tactics. 

Our goals including producing the essentials: a social media calendar for posting, content standards for sharing, a friendly, informative voice to communicate with students, and a bright, vibrant aesthetic that showcases the real users of the RWC.

This initiative began in summer A (2018) with the help of a collaborative staff and its users. We focused on five hashtags to theme each day (#MindfulMonday, #TrainingTuesday, #WorkoutWednesday, #TBT and #StudentSpotlight, and #FitnessFriday). We had 2,780 followers on Instagram on June 2018. After one month, we had gained 111 followers, totaling 2,891 followers for July 2018. Since then we have continuously gained an average of 129 followers per month. The page is growing by 24% each month, and has seen a 75% increase year-to-year in new followers. 


​Research of other top social media accounts and a review of our values helped to streamline the creative process. We knew that students wanted to see themselves or students that looked like them online. The RWC has five values: safe, clean, dependable, quality, and fun. These values are pivotal to every image we share. Before we post something, we ask ourselves if it includes at least one of these. 

One of our first new posts showcased one of our group exercises instructors, Yan, teaching a class with a big smile. This dynamic photo was paired with the caption, "Our group exercise participants are on fire. Make your #WorkoutWednesday lit and experience Zumba today at 3:00pm or 8:15pm in our group ex studio." This post resonated with students because they speak similarly to how the caption was written and it displays one of their favorite instructors showcased online. 

Yan's post reached 1,552 students, had 19 profile visits, received 116 likes, and had eight comments.



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Once a solid foundation was placed, we explored giveaways. Social media giveaways are an excellent tool to engage followers and attract students who normally do not use our facility or programs. Everyone loves free stuff! 

We curated this social media giveaway to teach students about the types of sport clubs we have. We shared this information in a fun, informative way and asked them to like the photo and tag one of their friends that would like to join one. This post reached 1,815 students, had 20 profile visits, received 138 likes, and had 51 people comment on our post.




Our social media platforms, specifically Instagram, are ways in which we share who are we. The Recreation and Wellness Center shares many stories and is a home for many faces. We continue to use it to relate to students and show them how fun the the RWC can be!



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