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 Integrated Marketing Campaign

Adventure Race 2019 Poster.jpg


The goals and objectives were to engage students with a "can't miss" event through our Outdoor Adventure program. Our target audience were non-users, users, and students new to our facilities who were interested in an event that would allow them to spend a day outdoors being active and test their skills against other students in a day modeled after the Amazing Race.

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Creative Process

For the creative process behind this year’s design, the designer worked closely with the Outdoor Adventure staff after arriving to the decision of the theme: “Escape the Elements.” The team decided to proceed with a photo-realistic rendering rather than our traditional illustrations because it evokes a greater emotional response upon ones first impression. The accurate depiction of each of the elements on promotional materials that were distributed throughout our facilities and across campus (including posters, fliers, television advertisements, and periodic social media posts) made for an eye catching and captivating final product that garnered significant interest from our student body. The inclusion of a themed t-shirt depicting the same artwork that generated that initial interest was also provided to each registered participant and employee working the event so that they would have something to take home from the race regardless of how well they performed.


There were over 160 individual participants comprising more than 40 total teams that registered for the event. Students formed teams of 4 to solve riddles, complete challenges, and race across campus testing their skills against one another for a chance at several great prizes thanks to our generous partners. Of the 40 teams only 2 were unable to complete the race before running out of time. Our assessment tool is a short Qualtrics Survey which we distribute with a link that the Marketing and Outdoor Adventure Staff distributes through mobile phones and emails. Nearly 90% of participants who took our post-race survey indicated that they would like to participate in the event again in the future. Nearly 92% of participants who took our post-race survey responded that they interacted well with our staff and found them helpful in the successful completion of the race.

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