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UCF RWC Marketing team collaborated with Coca Cola and Dasani and UCF Business Services on a promotion and partnership on for a new Dasani water fill station. This was a 48-hour special event that lead to high foot traffic in quick waves, great social media engagement and one of the fastest promotional item blowouts in RWC’s history.

The RWC handed out more than 600 water bottles over two-days, with hundreds of students waiting in line to get a bottles in the middle of our cardio floor and indoor track. The marketing team gave out 300 bottles in less than an hour over a two day period.


We promoted the event across three platforms: RWC Instagram news feed and story, Twitter and Facebook. The promotion lead to fantastic engagement over a 48-hour period on Instagram alone the engagement helped us topped the 4,000 follower mark. Nearly 2,000 actions and Profile visits happened, reaching nearly 4,000 students. The activation and promotion of the campaign lead to more than 63,000 impressions on Instagram and Facebook (nearly 57,000 alone on Instagram).

The three part process involved the installation of a new Dasani Water fill station and marketing wrap on the cardio floor wall, sleek water bottles complete with UCF and Dasani logos, a “teaser” poster on strategically placed on the RWC first and second floors to show students where to be to get their free water bottles.

Water Bottle Blowout Signage-01.jpg
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