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UCF Recreation and Wellness Guidebook:



Facility Publication

Welcome back to UCF's favorite place to play!

The new hand guides represent a commitment to focusing on our students in our publications, and marketing. As you flip through the hand guide you will see our students using our spaces, programs and our facilities. Student stories are vital to the success of our programs and services, and they are best told by students themselves in the way they interact with our environment. The photography also showcases our commitment to diversity. Inclusion is a core value of not only the RWC but UCF's strategic plan called the Collective Impact. Additionally, we wanted the hand guide to have some synergy with the vibrancy of our new social media commitment, especially with some of our outreach on Instagram. We intentionally changed out pictures that lacked brightness, and color, and replaced them with more eye catching visuals. The pre-production is very collaborative as we meet with the leadership from each program area to talk about their goals for their pages when it comes to recruiting students. The leadership team helps and proof and approve each of their pages. Wellness and Healthy Promotion Services creates their own design for pages 18 and 19, but it is an important list of services as WHPS is member of the Rec family.  The price of the guide increased due to the additions we made, but we stayed within budget. The target audience for the hand guides are FTIC students, Transfer Students, and prospective students. More than 2,000 FTIC attended our beginning of the year events, and we handed these guides out in the days, weeks, and months before those events.



The UCF Recreation and Wellness Guidebook is a tool that showcases what the RWC is and what it offers to students. Our target audience is always FTIC first time in college students, international students, returning students, and students who are new to the RWC experience. This facility promotion aligns with the University Marketing standards.

We order 10,000 per year and hand them all out by the end of June. The feedback we have received from students is that the information is very helpful, particularly the perforated event schedules in the back, and the easy access to hours inside the di-cut cover.  


Students can rip out the calendar pages and place the on dormitory and bedroom pin boards or refrigerators. The pages serve as a reminder about registration deadlines and event schedules. The first page of the hand guide is also a di-cut and features our most recognizable facilities. We change this image every two years and this year and next we're featuring the Climbing Tower. 



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