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Integrated Marketing Campaign

RWC RecFest 27

This event is intended to encourage students to participate in a night of teams, fun, and food. Our target audience are students who are new to the university and/or new to intramural sports, but because this event is so popular, it also gets a lot of involvement with more intramural sport veterans. We aim to have an versatile place on campus that is fun, challenging, and leaves participants of all experience levels with the gym with good memories. We utilized many locations of the RWC in order to showcase many of the facilities and services we offer.

The Intramural Sports team decided on the theme of Knights at Play, and all activities and marketing materials were supportive of that theme. Several meetings were held months in advance to ensure we were following the project timeline, iron out details, and get feedback on graphics. We overcame some potential challenges through sponsor ships: a catering partner who provided food and part of the t-shirt cost, and several local and familiar vendors to students on and off campus. The prizes are donated in exchange for marketing recognition. Our budget was $2500, including t-shirts, food, event materials, and payroll. Some limitations include the lack of ease of registration in previous years: before we used a software that required students to create an IM leagues account before signing up for the event. With some work, we successfully integrated Qualtrics as the main registration software. 

We had 144 participants who worked in teams of four, so 36 teams in total, with a wait list. Annually this event nets 100% retention because the event logistics work like a well-oiled machine. We reached out goal of targeting students who had not previously been involved in Intramural Sports programs. In addition, we were able to discover that we had attracted students who had not previously been a part of the RWC, approximately 60%, and that it was an even distribution between males and females. 


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