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UCF Fitness Midknight 5k Run


In order to enhance the promotion for an annual event we host, we chose to make a cohesive and bright design that was representative of what the students wear during the race. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of effective marketing. Our target audience focused on students of all experience levels, whether they have never run a race before to competitive runners. The inclusiveness of the marketing and event aligns itself with one of our core values. We also we wanted to reach students, non-users who had a perception that the RWC is just a place to lift weights, with a fun and social event to show these students the RWC programs for all students of all interests and abilities. The design was distributed around campus through digital partnerships, and street team canvassing. 


Within our team and professional staff, we asked for a change in the free clothing item that is given away to students each year. We asked and got permission to design a tank top to distribute at the race. We received great feed back from many students who had asked about having a tank top before. We had a total of 423 sign up prior to the event and 458 students in total after walk-ins. 


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