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Student Publications

Coast Rica:
Rain forest and Ocean Adventures Trip

December 14 - December 22, 2016


The goals and objectives were to engage students with a "can't miss", one-of-a-kind, and affordable opportunity through our Outdoor Adventure program. Our target audience were non-users, users and students new to our facility who were interested in trip that would help make them more rounded global citizens through and introduce them to the scope of our outdoor adventure trip program.

This trip was a partnership with Outward Bound and included a service project. The Costa Rica Rain forest and Ocean Adventure Trip design captured the true essence of of what the students would see and do while out of the country. Selling the experience visually was key to getting participation. What is more impressive is that that our designer was able to use visuals to emulate the details in the bird and water without using photographs.


This design was so successful in it's engagement that the UCF Outdoor Adventure team had to expand the original roster of eight students to 15. The trip did sell out in a very short time. 




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